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Between Dialogue and Killing: A Reading on the Process of “Truce” in El Salvador from Anthropological Categories

By Luís Enrique Amaya and Juan José Martínez Biography Luís Enrique Amaya Luís Enrique Amaya is an international consultant and researcher in the field of public safety. As academic background, both as an undergraduate and as a graduate alum, he majored in management policies, programs, and projects of citizen security (policy analysis and policy-making process). […]

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Remembering History and Reaffirming Democracy: The Case of the Chilean Transition to Democracy

This article advocates for the daily reaffirmation of democracy and protection of human rights in Latin America by politicians and civil society alike. Through the remembrance of the Chilean transition to democracy, the article highlights the tremendous costs that Chileans assumed to move Chile towards a consolidated democracy and the many years it has taken […]

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Ayotzinapa and Human Rights

The following article summarizes a series of events that shed light on the current human rights status of Mexico. It traces key events in the last two decades that show how the Mexican government has reacted to human rights violations and pays special attention to the recent disappearances of Mexican students and the lack of […]

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Addressing Inequality: An Imperative for the Post-2015 Development Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean

Inequality permeates the economic, political, social, and environmental spheres in Latin America and the Caribbean. Addressing that inequality is hence an imperative if the region is to advance towards sustainable development. As the world is negotiating the priorities and goals that will guide the international development agenda for the next fifteen years, this paper calls […]

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A Path Towards Sustainable Growth and Productivity: Recommendations on Enhancing Innovation and Addressing the Skills Gap for Latin American Competitiveness

In order to sustain growth and competitiveness, Latin America must improve its productivity. Skills and innovation stand out as two of the most significant variables to achieve this. In the region, there is a skills gap due to a disparity between existing skills and those that are needed in the economy. On the innovation side, […]

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The Need for a Peaceful Revolution: Lessons Latin America Can Learn from the Central America Peace Process Twenty-Five Years On

About the Author Oscar Arias was born in Heredia, Costa Rica, in 1940. He studied law and economics at the University of Costa Rica and received a doctoral degree in political science at the University of Essex, England. Arias was appointed Costa Rican Minister of Planning and Economic Policy, then won a seat in Congress […]