Remembering History and Reaffirming Democracy: The Case of the Chilean Transition to Democracy


This article advocates for the daily reaffirmation of democracy and protection of human rights in Latin America by politicians and civil society alike. Through the remembrance of the Chilean transition to democracy, the article highlights the tremendous costs that Chileans assumed to move Chile towards a consolidated democracy and the many years it has taken Chile to become one. In a year where Chileans have lost trust in politicians due to corruption scandals and where the world has watched human rights abuses in Venezuela, it is crucial to learn from our past and publicly reaffirm democracy and human rights every day.

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About the Author

Daniela_Martinez_photoDaniela Martinez is a lawyer who graduated from Universidad de Chile. She holds a Master of Laws degree from Harvard University and is currently working toward a Master in Public Administration at the same university. She has worked in the Chilean government as an advisor to the Minister of Energy and at the environmental NGO Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington.

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